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Here, we talk about ways in which presenters can show more enthusiasm in their speeches. A speech that is absolutely regular, without variation in tone and melody, will bore an audience in just a few minutes. So when training for a presentation, decide which words and passages deserve extra attention and increase the tone to emphasize these points. But do this naturally!

  1. Your Voice and How to Use it!
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If something sounds exaggerated or false, your audience can turn against you. Considering that your goal is to be heard and trusted by your audience, forget discretion and speak in a way such that everybody in the audience can hear you.

What Your Voice Reveals About You

This is a great exercise for feeling the movement needed in the ribcage and to help get the muscles working. Please note: as this way of breathing may feel very different to what you are used to, you may not notice a great deal of movement to begin with. Articulation creates the specific sounds that make up words. In order to be clear in our speech, we need to exercise our articulators by going through the vowel sounds. The following exercises will help improve your articulation:.

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Make a 'hum' sound with your lips together but not tight — feel your lips tickle or vibrate. Move the 'hum' sound around inside your mouth from the lips to nose and back to the lips.

Why Healthy Vocal Cords Are Important for Your Singing

Feel the vibrations in the different areas. Chew some imaginary gum. Imagine it is growing and growing. Now, imagine you have toffee stuck in your mouth and use your tongue to get it out. Use these structures to go through different sounds and, in particular, sounds that you find difficult.

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Tongue twisters are also a good way to exercise the articulators and help improve fluency of articulation and diction. Place your hand on your chest and yawn. Now say 'hello, hello, hello' from deep down in your chest. If you want to be heard, you need to learn how to project. Projection comes from taking control of the breath. If you can, arrange to visit the room you are going to be speaking in and walk around it. Use your speech and play with it, walking around while speaking, playing with the volume.

Ask a colleague to listen to you — can they hear you clearly?

Voice Lesson: Finding YOUR Voice

Try speaking very slowly. Now try singing your speech. This should always be done from a place of relaxation.

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Check that your shoulders are down. Wriggle and roll them to check for tension. If one of the main questions you have is how can I improve my singing voice? You would never run a race without strectching your muscles first — so give your voice muscles the same amount of care and warm them up thoroughly.

How to improve your voice for presentations | British Council

Another thing you might not realize is that you need to learn different breathing techniques to sing different styles. An opera singer breathes differently to someone who croons because there is less projection and power needed in the different styles. BUT both need breath to support their voices. Start with your breathing technique! Slouching on a couch singing karaoke does not make a great singer.

Have you ever heard someone hit an incredible high note while slouching, or sitting down? They stand up, plant their feet firmly on the ground a bit more than shouldner width apart in a power stance, they pull their shoulders back, lift their chin up, and belt out that top note. The way you hold yourself while singing is so important!

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  • Your Voice and How to Use it!
  • Not only is your body in a position where you can breathe properly, and cleanly, but you are in a stance of confidence, giving yourself the basic building blocks to improve your singing voice and improve your singing tone. Extra Singing Tips: People will also take you more seriously as a singer if you stand tall and look confident in everything that you do.

    I've worked as a full time singer and musician since My singing has taken me around the world, performing on 5 continents and getting paid to do so. I want to help you achieve your singing dreams. Skip to content. Sharing is caring! Share Tweet Pin 0 shares.


    Is Vocal Fry Ruining My Voice?

    I know singing can sometimes be nerve racking but being relaxed is one of the best ways that you can improve your voice quality for singing. Perhaps consider doing a meditation before you sing so that you are already in a relaxed state of mind and ready to take on the stage! Not every singer has the physical capabilities to nail every single singing style out there.