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At the end of , and after a scandalous string of robberies in my barrio, two cops answer our call and find a thief still inside a neighbor's truck, and they just let him go. In another occasion, a house got broken into, and the cops showed up two hours and 15 minutes later, as they did many times then. We heard excuses of lack of officers from their commanders, and yet I clocked them at plus minutes breaks at 7-Elevens, two-hour lunches at restaurants, and long hours stalking on drivers all over town.

Oh, and after some angry neighbors asked the Mayor Todd about the strange attitude of these officers, he talked, and talked, and talked more. But hey, he was able to stop channel 36 and the Statesman from reporting on our plight. We got a little exposure from the Chronicle back then. Afterward, I got sued by the city strange.

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Nothing worked. People here were sniffing glue, smoking abundant coke, and stealing from one house and selling the loot just around the corner.

One neighbor had to disconnect his TV every morning, take it to work and plug it back in at the end of the day. The detectives? They are the very worst. They manipulated reports from the cops for the convenience of the APD, from their air-conditioned cubicles. We just quit calling In addition to their reluctance to "protect and serve" I have seen acts of abuse -- mostly against brown people -- from them that get turned around in the wordery behind their legal shield.

They are nothing but a herd of cowards with guns that prey on the elderly, the poor, the immigrants, but listen closely to the NSA. Cops hate to live in the communities they serve, so they are recruited from around the State. Again, you have to wait until the Statesman reports it first. Where magnet or IB students and neighborhood students share a school, HB would prorate between these groups who is guaranteed admission.


Under , lower-performing students gain automatic admission at the expense of students who demonstrated academic excellence during high school. Example: Johnston High School. There are seniors. By current law the 28 students with the highest GPAs are guaranteed admission.

If HB were in effect, nine magnet students and 19 "neighborhood" students receive automatic admission. Thus Johnston students whose GPAs truly rank them in their class would lose automatic admission to neighborhood kids with true rankings between 55 and Who are these "magnet" students? One "neighborhood" kid was among those who filed the successful federal lawsuit against an AISD district policy that would have done what proposes and which was struck down as discriminatory, unfair, and unjust by the court.

Two of three who filed this suit were Hispanic and from the Eastside. HB penalizes and discriminates against students for their achievements simply because they participate in a demanding academic program the district recruited them to join. As the city we all love grows, it's always important to take time to reflect on the past.

This image, possibly of LBJ wearing a cowboy hat, was initially an advertising sign used by the Texas clothier. Wear and tear had taken its toll on this sign. By it had been almost lost due to the sun and weather.


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At that time the Joseph family commissioned the partnership of Skagen-Brakhage to restore this time-honored landmark. The final work on this mural was approved by the Josephs, as well as the Austin Historic Commission. Controversy ensued as permission was never secured by the owner of the building to rework the mural. The intent of everyone involved was to merely restore this icon while remaining faithful to the original artwork. The partnership between Rory Skagen and Bill Brakhage was formally dissolved in the spring of These acts occurred in the fall of last year prior to Brakhage moving away and are in no way condoned by Skagen or his affiliates.

Blue Genie Art is committed to producing quality commercial and public art, hopefully contributing to the special character of Austin. The Liberty Party was an anti-Garrison abolition party that had one platform—the immediate abolition of slavery.

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Forlorn Hope of Freedom-p. Yet, Salmon P. In , just before the Presidential election, the Liberty party fell and soon after it merged with the Free Soil party thus leading to the formation of the Republican party. Even though the Free Soil party members were not advocates of immediate abolition, the Liberty party would not reach its goals in politics if it remained prisoner to staunchly one platform religious beliefs. Related Events: Presidential Election of ; Albany convention. Footnotes: [1] Vernon L.

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Sources: [1] Ibid. It was a commonly known fact throughout most of the nineteenth century that in a man by the name of Abner Doubleday created the game of baseball in Cooperstown, New York. Spalding, a wealthy sporting goods owner, championed the struggle to identify baseball as of American origin. Abner Graves sent a letter to Spalding explaining that he was with Doubleday when he invented the game of baseball in Cooperstown, New York in Although there has been much controversy since, and many baseball historians have claimed that baseball was seen in earlier forms of croquet or even Medieval ball games, most affirm the fact that Cooperstown, New York is the rightful place of The National Baseball Hall of Fame.

Footnotes: [1] quoted an actual quote within: Paul J. In , a state law was passed giving Mississippi women the right to control their own property. Previously, "under the nineteenth-century common law,a married woman was bound by the rules of coverture, which vested her legal rights to her husband. Of course, the process of women gaining fair property rights was not instantaneous--in , women got control of their separate estates, in the '60's and '70's, "laws granted married women the right to keep their earnings" [2] , and finally further legislation allowed them to work in a business as a independent woman.

Yet, even though women's property laws were passed,it didn't directly change the status of women in society. Women during this time period were largely controlled by their husbands--they made all of the decisions of the home and women did not have much of a voice. Soon afterward, other states like Michigan, Maine, Texas, Louisiana, Maryland, and Tennessee debated on whether or not to pass property laws as well. Even though the state did feel strongly about the rights of women to own their own property, other issues, such as slavery, remained untouched.

This law was one of the earliest advances in the women's movement for it gave women a defined social status, and the right to control property which ultimately led to their independence. Footnotes: [1] B. The college opened its doors to students on October 1, as a private liberal arts college. During the Civil War, the college closed to serve as a military hospital, while the preparatory school remained open.

The school had high aspirations to further the education offered to Alabamians, but it lacked the funds to continue its operations. In December , the Methodist church decided to donate the college to the state of Alabama. The donation caused the state to favor Auburn as the site.

The state legislature passed a bill on February 24, officially making the college the state land-grant university. It soon reopened as the Agricultural and Mechanical Institute of Alabama. It was later renamed the Alabama Polytechnic Institute before reaching its current name of Auburn University, named after the town in which it resides. Today, the university is the largest university in Alabama with an estimated student body of 23, students.

Bleeding Kansas, Bleeding Missouri: The Long Civil War on the Border - September 3, 2013

Prior to the election of , the Whigs and Democrats gathered at their prospective conventions to nominate a candidate for the president of the United States. The Democrats chose to continue their support for the incumbent president, Martin Van Buren; however, the party was divided over this decision and did not fully support him.

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  4. The panic resulted in the foreclosure of many farms and a decrease in the prices of agricultural goods. This depression affected thousands of American farmers who would look for new leadership. Paul Finkelman. The banking system in America faced a great deal of controversy in the nineteenth century.