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Like a true movie magician, he made his career struggles disappear.

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The Shyamalan that emerges in The Sixth Sense may resemble Spielberg in his storyboard pristine imagery, but the real audacity of the film is his commitment to a somber tone, which goes far beyond the moody trappings associated with horror films. The look allows Shyamalan to toggle back to chills on occasion, especially during a stretch where ghosts bombard its young hero with nightly visitations, but he wants to suggest the grief, confusion and misgivings associated with death.

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That child has grown up to shoot Malcolm and himself — the former fatally, we later discover — but in his despair, Malcolm tries to redeem himself by seeking out another patient with similar symptoms of acute anxiety and mood disorder. Or the audience. The Sixth Sense does a lot of cheating with information, barely bothering to establish the physical and psychological limitations of those who are dead and not loving it.

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There is no firm agreement among neurologists as to the number of senses because of differing definitions of what constitutes a sense. The senses and their operation, classification, and theory are overlapping topics studied by a variety of fields, most notably Neuroscience cognitive psychology , and philosophy of perception.

The nervous system has a specific sensory system , or organ, that manages each sense.

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One categorization for human senses is as follows: chemoreception ; photoreception ; mechanoreception ; and thermoception. This categorization has been criticized as too restrictive, however, as it does not include categories for accepted senses such as the sense of time and sense of pain.

Some animals possess senses that are absent or weak in humans, such as electroreception [4] and detection of polarized light. Subject classification : this is a biology resource.

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Subject classification : this is a psychology resource. Educational level : this is a non-formal education resource. Belief in Pseudoscience. See Note The 10 items are extrasensory perception ESP , that houses can be haunted , ghostss , telepathy , clairvoyance , astrology , that people can communicate mentally with someone who has died , witches , reincarnation , and channelling.